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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Expedition Trailers is always exploring new adventures and therefore have become your Offtrax and Backroads Overland Co. Distributor. We work with several dealers and brand ambassadors throughout the U.S. For a list of locations from our dealers and brand ambassadors, visit our locations.

Current overland off-road camper trailer brands:

Offtrax Campers
Mission Overland
Backroads Overland Co.

There are many amazing off-road camper trailers available for your overland adventures, but how do you know you’re choosing the right one?

You need your overland off-road camper trailer to do a few things:

1. Handle some of the most rugged terrains.

2. Take you to the unknown (hit those remote destinations off the beaten path).

3. Ensure the ground clearance is suitable for your overland off-road adventures.

4. Come equipped with basic essentials (you may be spending weeks, months or even a year in your off-road camper trailer… so make sure you have your essential equipment).

5. Check the weight of the off-road camper trailer you want to purchase to ensure it’s suitable for your vehicle.

6. Find the trailer that is best suitable for your family.

While we could make a list of 100 things that you need to make sure you’re purchasing the right overland off-road camper trailer, these are our top 6 tips to follow when purchasing your off-road camper trailer.

After you’ve reviewed our top 6 tips to follow, it’s time to look at overland off-road camper trailers.

Below is our list of trailers, each one perfect for any overland adventurer. Check out overland off-road camper trailer brands that we sell.

#1 Overland off-road camper trailer: Offtrax Feenix
Manufactured out of Australian Bluscope steel and hot-dipped galvanized to the iconic CruiseMaster XT suspension, this overland off-road camper trailer is top-of-the-line.

Specs & Features (quick view):
Slide-out kitchen w/ 2-burner stove & grill, top quality electrical equipment, water and gas hookup, top tier suspension, and running gear.

Check out full specs & features of Offtrax Feenix 

#2 Overland off-road camper trailer: Mission Overland Summit
Mission Overland Summit has all the baseline luxuries you need without sacrificing the camping experience you seek.

Specs & Features (quick view):
Slide-out kitchen w/ dual burner stove and sink, queen bed with 4″ medium density foam, external hot water shower, and more.

Check out the full specs & features of Mission Overland Summit

#3 Overland Off-Road Camper Trailer: Backroads Overland Co. Trail Series

Built by hand from the ground up, this off-road camper trailer comes with Timbren trailing arm suspension gives you a great tow and ride experience.

Specs & Features (quick view):
3,500 lb GVWR, 5 ft cabin width, 6.6 ft cabin length & 3.75 cabin height

Check out the full specs & features of Backroads Overland Co. Trail Series

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