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Expedition Trailers is your premiere off-road dealer based in Missouri. We’re proud to partner with top brands including Offtrax Campers, Vorsheer, & Mission Overland, to sell top quality off-road campers & trailers to outdoor enthusiasts like yourself. You can buy your trailer from our current inventory or customize and build to your exact needs and wants… whatever it is you need, we’ve got your back.


I grew up in South Florida enjoying the outdoors — camping, hunting and fishing to name a few things. To this day, I still call this place home and as some would say, I’m lucky to be living where most people vacation. Who doesn’t dream of palm trees swaying, relaxing in a hammock with a cold drink, right? Well I, like many others, longed for more. I wanted to explore the U.S., visit remote destinations and have those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Over the years, that passion drove my friends and I all over the U.S. and abroad. It’s those adventures that led me to my first Overland Expo. Can I just say, wow! I came across some of the coolest, likeminded people, insane vehicles and gear and everything overland. My trip to Expo East inspired me to jump on a new lifestyle — the overland lifestyle.

We’re not as fortunate as those states in the Northwest and living in South Florida, you quickly realize there are not many options here. This little fact, along with a few others, led to the creation of Expedition Trailers Inc. and I’m proud to say we are the first overlanding trailer dealer in the south! Think of us as your one-stop shop: we customize your trailer to your wants and needs. We’re hoping to inspire all who seek the challenge, the experience and the adventure.

Welcome to our Expedition family!

Paul Gonzalez
Founder and President

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